Seven Words for Love

The Greeks were onto something, they knew that one word for “affection” was never going to be enough. They came up with so many more, but where does our experience fall into that? Eros is certainly a major player, of course. Without it, why are we here? When I activate your skin, when I make you drown in your own senses, these translate to an intense arousal on so many levels. You might be so hard, it aches, or maybe your back is so alive that the lightest touch sends you into shivers of pleasure. But Ludus shows in the in-between moments, the playful banter, the jokes and asides. Are you sure you’re ready for another round? Maybe you should wait little longer… even as you whimper and beg for just a bit more, please, Lady, just a bit… Maybe I will make you wait, or maybe I will give […]