What We Do: Submission

Those who have never heard the call of the cuffs or song of the canes ask us all the time: why do we do it? Even if we are not hard-wired to be masochists (those who directly associate pain with sexual arousal), why are we still drawn to this? The answer is complex because, of course, humans are messy creatures. We couldn’t possibly be straightforward, and half the time, we don’t know why we do what we do. Our motivation is different, of course, depending on which side of the dynamic we’re on, but we can draw some general ideas. Submission “You know how you feel when you get home from a long week of hard work, and even though you love your job, you have to leave it behind? I never got that. Maybe it’s the emotional labor of taking care of kids and family and job and friends, […]

Seven Words for Love

The Greeks were onto something, they knew that one word for “affection” was never going to be enough. They came up with so many more, but where does our experience fall into that? Eros is certainly a major player, of course. Without it, why are we here? When I activate your skin, when I make you drown in your own senses, these translate to an intense arousal on so many levels. You might be so hard, it aches, or maybe your back is so alive that the lightest touch sends you into shivers of pleasure. But Ludus shows in the in-between moments, the playful banter, the jokes and asides. Are you sure you’re ready for another round? Maybe you should wait little longer… even as you whimper and beg for just a bit more, please, Lady, just a bit… Maybe I will make you wait, or maybe I will give […]


I revel in what I can do to your body, in what I can make you feel. Regardless of the instrument of your experience, you will go to places that cannot be reached outside of this room. You will travel to spaces within your mind and psyche that relieve you and release you from your mundane world, refreshing your soul to return to it. The marks that are drawn across your skin that rise up to meet me, the purple pucker of subcutaneous capillaries surrendering to my ministrations, these are the road maps I outline for your reprieves. Your skin swells and ripples, hardens and churns, molded with each strike to ease your navigation to familiar lands, shadow places of mercy and peace. For all this, your sacrifice is recognized and appreciated. Let my fingers linger over the rivers and valleys, the ridges and hills I have created for you, […]