In order to be considered for Lady Grace’s attention, you must fill out the following application in full. Upon approval, she will contact you via your stated preferred method and time at her next available opportunity. Expect a conversation of at least a half an hour; no first-time appointments are scheduled without this thorough interview taking place.

A non-refundable deposit it required for all appointments, regardless of tenure in the Lady’s service. You will value her time as much as she values yours. You are contracting the Lady only for her time: any activities, practices, or other acts that occur during that time are purely circumstantial. No promise or guarantee is made to the activities engaged in during a session.

Lady Grace’s interest is only in legal, safe, and consensual play. Requesting anything outside of those bounds will result in dismissal from her consideration and loss of deposits or session fees.

Application for Sessions
When and how would you like to be contacted? *
What is your current level of experience with BDSM? *
What kinds of BDSM practices are you interested in exploring? Check all that apply. *
What is your current pain threshold, on a scale of 1 to 10? *
I acknowledge that I am submitting an application for consideration to be seen by a professional. There is no implication of commitment on the part of the professional to see me without further approval. *
I understand that in submitting my application for professional services, a preliminary interview will be scheduled with the professional to ensure that our interests are compatible. *
I accept that if the professional sees fit to allow me to contract her time, a non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve that time, and an additional session fee will be required prior to or at the time of the session. *
I acknowledge that I am contracting the professional and compensating her for her time only. Any acts, practices, or behaviors during that time are entirely circumstantial and no promise or guarantee is made for any specific practice to be included during that session time. *
I understand and accept that the professional only engages in legal, safe, and consent-based activities. To press her beyond stated limits or request any activities or services that violate legal, safe, and consensual boundaries will result in forfeiture of session fees and dismissal from her services. *