I’ve been in and around the BDSM scene personally and professionally since the late 80s. Everything about the lifestyle has been like home for me on every level, and it has fueled my passion to bring you the culminations of my wisdom and experience.

Professionally, I am a Dominant. I specialize in advanced corporal punishment, feminization, sensory deprivation, bondage, and various other activities. I don’t need worthless slaves or sluts, but it’s not a terrible place to start.

I have been the most revered and loved woman in a man’s life, and I have been the most terrifying monster in the room. Everything I do is to make you better, to build you into the best version of yourself, and what you receive from me is in direct response to how well you take to that.

I want to know how far you can go. I want to know how deep you can go. I want to see you erase your stress, raise your spirits, release your fears, and conquer your demons.